January 13, 2022
Google Android Chrome built-in ad blocker

Native Google Android Chrome Built-In Ad Blocker Spotted in Canary Version App

Found within the latest Canary developer release, the much-anticipated Google Android Chrome built-in ad blocker shows up in the settings menu…

Back in June, Google announced a new built-in Chrome ad blocking feature, giving publishers six months to prepare. Now, that option is right inside the newest Canary release of Android.

Native Google Android Chrome Built-In Ad Blocker Appears inside Developer Canary Version App

Spotted by Carsten Knobloch, the feature resides right inside a subsection under the main settings. Simply labeled “Ads,” within “Site settings,” a toggle switch allows users to turn the tool on and off. When enabled, it will, “Block ads from sites that tend to show intrusive ads.”

Google Android Chrome built-in ad blocker screenshots
Credit: Carsten Knobloch

Set to the off position by default in this version, the ad blocker can easily be toggled on at any time. Google will reportedly roll out this built-in native ad blocker sometime next year.

The search giant recently became more aggressive with what it calls “intrusive interstitials,” or pop ups. Its mobile intrusive interstitial penalty went live back in January. Google also began prohibiting the use of AdSense advertisement on sites using pop-unders.

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