May 24, 2022
Google Posts

NBA, MLB, and NHL Google Posts Now Appear in Knowledge Panels

Google Posts for NBA, MLB, and NHL sport franchises will now appear directly in Knowledge Panels on the organic SERP or search engine results page…

Sports fans will now see MLB, NHL, and NBA Google Posts right in the Knowledge Panels, according to a recent announcement by Google. When users search for a specific team or league, Google Posts from those organizations will pop up in Knowledge Panels.

NBA, MLB, and NHL Google Posts Now Appear in Knowledge Panels

The search engine launched Google Posts last year in the United States for museums, movies, sport teams, and sports leagues. The project allows those entities to place content directly onto Google’s servers.

“Now you can get the latest updates, videos, photos and more right on the Knowledge Panels in Search directly from some of your favorite NHL and NBA teams. A quick search on Google brings up an all-star lineup of content from the teams your care about across the US and Canada,” product manager Aditya Mahesh wrote on Google’s Search Blog.

Sports fans will see the latest updates, videos, photos, and more on the SERP in Knowledge Panels when searching for NHL and NBA franchises. The new results work on desktop and mobile devices for typed and voice searches.

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