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NBC Peacock is Now Live on Roku, Following Very Tense Negotiations

NBC's Peacock Roku Support is Finally Available

Credit: Hollywood Reporter

NBC and Roku have reached an agreement to bring the new Peacock streaming service to more people, after heated negotiations…

Although NCB released its new Peacock streaming service on July 15th, it came to almost every device — except Roku devices. Now, that’s changed. Following prolonged negotiations, the streaming provider is available to all Roku users. The spat between the two companies came down to none other than how to split ad revenue. However, that’s apparently been worked out, at least for the foreseeable future.

NBC’s Peacock Roku Support is Finally Available

Peacock’s arrival on Roku comes with a bit more of good news. As anyone familiar with the NBC streaming platform knows, it’s free (because it’s ad-supported). But, its ad-supported tiers will not run more than five minutes of advertisements per hour. So, the interruptions are minimal and probably enough to attract even more viewers that don’t want to pay for another streaming subscription service. Maggie McLean Suniewick, Peacock’ president of Business Development and Partnerships said:

“We are excited to bring Peacock and its unrivaled catalog to millions of Americans who enjoy entertainment on their favorite Roku devices. Roku customers are engaged streamers and we know they’ll love access to a wide range of free and paid content.”

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