September 15, 2022
NBC's Peacock Streaming to Launch with Free AVOD Tier

NBC’s New Peacock Streaming Service goes Live Today, and it Offers a Ton Free Entertainment

Peacock rolls out today in the United States and it brings with it something other streaming services don’t typically offer: tons of free content…

If it seems like there’s a new streaming service every month, that’s because so many have debuted recently. Disney+ rolled out in November of last year, and since then, HBO Max hit — among others — and now, NBC’s Peacock has gone live. But, this time, it’s a bit different because this one offers more entertainment for less. In this case, less means free.

NBC’s Peacock Streaming Launches with a Free AVOD Tier

That’s free as in no-charge. Of course, free of charge doesn’t mean ad-free. In fact, Peacock is what’s now known as AVOD or Ad-Supported Video on Demand. However, for those willing to put up with the advertisements, there’s a lot to watch. About two-thirds of its 20,000 hour catalog is part of the platform’s free tier.

Sure, there are other AVOD services out there, including the Roku Channel, Pluto TV, and Tubi, but they don’t offer any originals. Plus, Peacock negotiated The Office away from Netflix for $500 million (which will land on the streaming service in January). And, with its free option, it will probably enjoy quite a lot of watch time.

What’s more, for those who desire the full experience without — nearly any ads — there’s a Premium tier that costs $29.99 per year. (Due to streaming rights, some programming will still contain advertisements.)

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