September 20, 2022
NBC's Peacock Streaming Service Reaches 22 Million Users

NBC’s Peacock Streaming Service Now has 22 Million Users, but it’s Unclear How Many are Paying Subscribers

NBCUniversal’s new Peacock streaming platform, which is only about three-and-a-half months old, now claims nearly 22 million users as of Q3…

In mid-July of this year, Comcast rolled out a new NBCUniversal streaming option, Peacock. It joined a number of streaming platforms but offered something that really set it apart from its competitors — it debuted with a free tier. Of course, there’s a premium level, which is what makes the company’s recent announcement of its reaching almost 22 million users. That is to say, it’s unclear how many of those are paying customers and how many are only taking advantage of the free alternative.

NBC’s Peacock Streaming Service Reaches 22 Million Users

Parent company Comcast not only boasted about its Peacock usership milestone, it also enjoyed huge success in its broadband internet business. That division added 63,000 new customers in the last quarter, which represents a record for the corporation. However, the news wasn’t so good for the conglomerate’s film and theme park divisions. Those sustained a 25 percent and 80.9 percent hit, respectively.

Obviously, the COVID-19 pandemic has much to due with these figures. With shutdowns occurring in March and still continuing on in some level or another, streaming services are benefiting, as well as internet providers. Conversely, the film and theme park industries are heavily suffering.

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