September 11, 2021
fake TripAdvisor reviews

TripAdvisor Reveals it Removed or Blocked almost 1.5 Million Fake Reviews in 2018

TripAdvisor reveals it blocked or took down approximately 1.5 million fake reviews from its site in 2018, most of which were false positives…

American travel and restaurant website company TripAdvisor has published an inaugural transparency report which reveals the site removed or blocked almost 1.5 million fake reviews last year.

Nearly 1.5 Million Fake TripAdvisor Reviews Removed in 2018

The majority of consumers — between 80 and 90 percent — rely on peer reviews before making purchases or commitments. Because of this, sites like TripAdvisor, Amazon, Google, and Yelp enjoy huge success.

Of the total fake reviews, just 2 percent were fakes, those these accounted for an astounding 1.5 million. Meanwhile, of all reviews submitted in 2018, 4.7 percent were rejected for violating the site’s guidelines.

Additionally, of all the reviews entered last year, 73 percent of fake reviews were blocked automatically by machines.

Moreover, of all the inauthentic reviews, 91 percent were fake positive reviews. Conversely, just 6 percent of fakes were biased negative reviews, while 3 percent were paid.

TripAdvisor defines fake reviews as those, which are “written by someone who is trying to unfairly manipulate a business’ average rating or traveler ranking, such as a staff member or a business’ competitor. Reviews that give an account of a genuine customer’s experience, even if elements of that account are disputed by the business in question, are not categorized as fake.”

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