September 15, 2022
Netflix 3 dollar per month mobile-only plan expanding

Netflix is Expanding its $3 per Month Mobile-Only Plan to More Markets Beyond India

After experimenting with a $3 per month mobile-only plan in India, Netflix is set to open it up to other developing markets…

Netflix previously ran an experimental $3 per month mobile-only plan in India last year. While the company expected it to perform fairly well, the actual results surprised the streaming service.

Chief Product Officer Gregory K. Peters said during a company earnings call that the organization was extremely pleased with it test results. Now, it’s set to expand to other markets.

The Netflix $3 Mobile-Only Plan Opening to More Markets

After Netflix experienced strong results from its $3 per month mobile-only plan in India, it was learned the company would pilot a similar program in Malaysia. Now, its CEO has confirmed it will open to additional markets.

The company already plans to spent over $400 million on local content between 2019 and 2020. So, it’s definitely investing in the expansion.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said at a conference in Dehli recently:

“If we have amazing content from around the world, people are willing to pay for that. … In the U.S., cable television costs about $75. Here [in India], it’s about $3-$5. In the U.S., people pay $50 for mobile phone access. Pricing is very low here, and the market is very large. That’s why our 199 rupees a month [mobile-only] pricing is very competitive.”

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