July 4, 2022
Netflix Ad-Supported Tier Remains Possible Company CFO Admits

Now that Disney+ is Introducing a Cheaper Ad-Supported Plan, Netflix Admits it isn’t Totally Against Doing the Same

Netflix ​​CFO, Spencer Neumann recently said at an investor conference the streaming service doesn’t have plans for an ad-supported tier, yet…

Netflix is well-known for two things: being the most popular streaming service, packed with quality content and not ruining its experience with ad interruptions. But, now that it’s been made public that Disney will further monetize its own service, Disney+ with advertising via a less expensive tier, Netflix could follow suit sometime in the future, though it’s not in the company’s plans to do so, yet.

Netflix Ad-Supported Tier Remains Possible Company CFO Admits

Netflix has famously forgone advertising on its platform since its digital inception. In fact, the company’s CEO, Reed Hastings, said in early 2020 that the company believed “there’s not easy money there”. Hastings has also said in the past that introducing ad breaks just isn’t part of the company’s model. Although, Hastings has also said that it remains a possibility, but a remote one. However, at a recent investor conference, CFO Spencer Neumann said:

“It’s not like we have religion against advertising, to be clear. But that’s not something that’s in our plans right now… We have a really nice scalable subscription model, and again, never say never, but it’s not in our plan.”

Of course, this doesn’t mean the streamer will go forward with an ad-supported option. But it certainly does mean the company has looked into the option deeply. And, it might serve as a way to avoid hiking prices, which Netflix does regularly.

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