May 21, 2022
Netflix Adds Remove from Row Title Deletion Option to Desktop Site

ICYMI: Netflix Finally Added this Long-Awaited Feature to its Desktop Experience

Netflix has finally brought over a long-wanted feature to its desktop site, the option to remove titles from the Continue Watching section…

Although Netflix remains the number one streaming service, it’s by no means perfect. There are quirks and shortcomings, even to this day. Fortunately, the streaming giant makes tweaks and improvements to keep on top of the industry. But, there are still some things that many subscribers want. Netflix responds in different ways. In some instances, it makes changes. That’s the case with a recent change to its Continue Watching section.

Netflix Adds Remove from Row Title Deletion Option to Desktop Site

When Disney+ first launched, one of the most conspicuously absent features was a section that allowed streamers to pick up right where they left off. Days after its release, Disney added a Continue Watching area, making it a cinch to resume content with ease. Even though this is a great option, it does have one big drawback — sometimes, people don’t want to continue with a movie or show and would rather move on and forget it. But, the title nevertheless remains in their history.

Netflix finally issued a fix for this problem in June of last year. However, only for its Android and iOS apps. Now, the desktop site sports the same functionality, with a new “Remove from Row” button on the Continue Watching list. It appears right after the Play, Add to Watchlist, and Rate buttons. Simply open Netflix in a browser, click on the big “X,” and select one of three responses, “I like this but don’t want to continue watching,” “I don’t like this,” and “Just cleaning up.”

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