November 4, 2022
Netflix Android app downloads

The Netflix App for Android Passes 500 Million Installs from the Google Play Store

Netflix Android app downloads are now over half a billion installs through the Google Play Store, far outperforming its competitors…

Although the Google Play Store doesn’t provide exact figures for app installations, it does offer a general sense of their performances. Netflix, the widely popular streaming service, just hit a new milestone — 500 million downloads.

Netflix Android App Downloads Surpasses 500 Million in the Google Play Store

While Netflix Android app downloads don’t tell us everything, it’s easy to surmise just how ubiquitous the service has become. The streaming service will release its financials in the next few weeks, and though it’s racked up a lot of debt, will probably reveal some good news.

It’s important to remember, that Netflix gets its primary revenue from its subscribers. By comparison, other streaming services aren’t performing nearly as well.

For instance, Hulu currently sits at just over 10 million downloads, which puts it between 10 and 50 million installs. Even on the highest end, that’s only 10 percent of Netflix. What’s more, Netflix ranks #15 on the charts, while Hulu comes in at #48.

To be clear, this doesn’t directly translate into 500 million Netflix subscribers. (Installs do not serve as a metric for the number of active users.) But, it is significant and does point to its huge popularity.

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