November 7, 2022
Netflix disc shipments

Netflix has Successfully Shipped 5 Billion Discs to Customers

Netflix disc shipments have reached a total of 5 billion, even as the viewing public has switched to streaming for entertainment…

There’s no question streaming is the center of the current Netflix model. But, that doesn’t mean physical media is dead. In fact, the entertainment company has recently marked a huge milestone. Netflix has now successfully shipped 5 billion discs. 

Netflix Disc Shipments Reach 5 Billion

Netflix is well-known for its streaming prowess but it does have another revenue stream, which still relies on shipping physical discs. Although, it’s small, by comparison. For instance, in 2011, Netflix claimed 14 million disc subscribers. However, that number shrank to 2.4 million during the second quarter of the year.

Today, there are 51 million streaming customers.

It’s very unlikely Netflix will hit or cross 6 billion. Even if all remaining disc subscribers ordered a title each month, it would take almost 35 years to reach 6 billion.

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