November 4, 2022
Netflix 'Don't Forget to Finish' Reminder Email Test Begins

Latest Netflix Test Badgers Customers about their Viewing Habits and Hopefully Won’t become Permanent

Netflix is experimenting with a new reminder messaging system that probably won’t go over well with the majority of its paying customers…

While Netflix so far refuses to run ads on its platform and it recently added a way to turn off those really annoying autoplay previews, there are still a few areas for improvement.

For instance, the “Continue Watching” section stays way too cluttered because it’s so difficult to remove titles. But, there’s something new that’s downright irksome the streaming service is doing to some of its subscribers.

Netflix ‘Don’t Forget to Finish’ Reminder Email Test Begins

Netflix is running a new email reminder test that starts with “Don’t forget to finish” subject. The body contains a television or movie poster, along with the progress viewers have made. Of course, it contains a resume watching link.

Plus, there’s also suggestions for what else to watch and what to watch again. These titles are similar to the reminder title. 

However, not everyone subscribing to the streaming platform will receive these email reminders. (Those who don’t are obviously not part of the test group.)

It’s not known why Netflix is sending out these emails. It could indicate there’s a drop off of viewers finishing up titles, and perhaps spending less overall time watching. Or, it could be due to something different.

But, it’s not really helpful as people already know if they’d like to continue where they left off or not.

Credit: BGR

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