August 3, 2021
Netflix Downloads For You automatically saves shows and movies based on users' interests

Netflix is Experimenting with a New Feature that Automatically Downloads Titles it Thinks Viewers might Like

Netflix is in the midst of testing a new feature called “Downloads For You” and it automatically saves movies and shows based on users’ interests…

Streaming services and tech companies are notorious for experimenting with new tools only to kill them off. One feature Netflix tested and stuck with was Smart Downloads. It automatically deleted watched episodes and then downloaded the next. Since this type of media takes up a lot of space, it made sense.

Now, Netflix is working with a new feature called “Downloads For You” and it will ostensibly help viewers discover new content.

Netflix ‘Downloads For You’ Automatically Saves Movies and Shows based on Users’ Interests

The new Netflix Downloads For You feature is only available to a small test group. For those with the option, it’s under the Downloads tab of the Netflix app. 

Once enabled, it examines the amount of available device storage space and then downloads a personalized selection of movies and shows.

With such a tool in-place, subscribers can easily find titles they’re interested in watching. Of course, it’s likely based on the same technology that populates a similar section. Whether or not Netflix will bring it to all subscribers depends on how well the test goes.

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