January 17, 2022
Netflix Ends its Free Trial Offers in Most Major Markets

Netflix Apparently No Longer Offers a Free Trial, So it’s Pay Full Price or Don’t Play

Netflix quietly changed its try it before buying it policy, ending its free trial offers in all major markets around the globe…

Goodbye Netflix free trial, it was nice while it lasted. (And last it did for a long, long time.) But now, the ability to try it out before making a commitment is gone. Although it’s probably a shrewd business decision, there’s no doubt its loss will result in fewer new subscribers — though that figure will likely be very tiny. While it’s understandable from a corporate perspective, the move still poses a risk.

Netflix Ends its Free Trial Offers in Most Major Markets

Currently, there are more streaming choices than ever. With the leaders offering hundreds to thousands of titles, being able to give it a try without having to pay is really appealing. For instance, Amazon Prime runs promos before playing a title. Subscribers can skip the advert, but the fact it pre-rolls is nevertheless annoying. Then, there’s the “still watching?” prompt on Netflix — another quirk that’s highly irritating to streamers.

Then, there’s other streaming platforms, like Hulu, but it too shows commercials. Disney+ is the home to some of the greatest content and it doesn’t offer a free trial. But what it does offer is a bundle, including Disney Plus, ESPN+, and Hulu, and all for just $12.99 per month. So, it could be a trend that’s early in unfolding.

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