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Yes, Netflix is Moving Forward with its Plans to End Password Sharing and it’s Coming Soon

Netflix Establishes a Timeline for Ending Password Sharing

Netflix ran a test to limit password sharing back in January and its success has given the streamer a way to crackdown on the practice…

Netflix is now confident that it can seriously reduce its money-hemorrhaging problem of password sharing. The streaming giant has long tolerated subscribers sharing their passwords with non-paying viewers. In fact, the company has spoken about the practice but has yet to really substantially do anything about it. That is, until now. According to recent reports, the company will expand its trial to every region the streamer serves.

Netflix Establishes a Timeline for Ending Password Sharing

Back in January, Netflix began displaying a new prompt to people in Italy that asked them to either authenticate their active accounts or sign up for the service with a new subscription of their own late last month. The company followed with a new system in Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru. That added a $2.99 surcharge to accounts that shared their login credentials with people outside their households.

The experiment proved to work because the company has told its employees a crackdown on password sharing will start on a wide scale in the last quarter of 2022. That means it could begin as early as October. So, anyone who continues to share their credentials with others who live outside their household will have to pay more.

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