September 23, 2020
Netflix testing new Watch Now feature to lessen viewer browsing

Netflix Tests Out New ‘Watch Now’ Option — a Feature to Help Viewers Avoid Endless Browsing

Popular streaming service Netflix is attempting to streamline the viewing process with a new experiment called “Watch Now”…

With more than 158 million worldwide subscriptions, Netflix is at the very top of the streaming industry. But, with all those accounts comes a huge tax on system resources. So, any decrease in demand is a good thing for the entertainment company.

After all, having hundreds of thousands to millions of people endlessly browsing doesn’t help. For example, some will inevitably tire and seek other forms of entertainment out of frustration. Others will stick with their searches. Neither of these scenarios is good news for the platform. Perhaps, these are reasons why it’s testing a new feature called “Watch Now.”

Netflix Experimenting with New ‘Watch Now’ Feature

The new Netflix Watch Now option experiment basically cuts to the chase by skipping over lengthy browsing sessions. 

Test participants will be given three options: it will automatically play the next episode in a season of a recently watched show. Or, it might play a title from their list. It could also pick a title based on its algorithms.

Of course, viewers are still ultimately in control and can skip past recommendations. 

Here’s a short explainer video to see the tool in-action: 

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