November 7, 2022
Netflix weekly episode releases

Binge Watchers won’t Like the Latest Netflix Experiment of Not Releasing Full Seasons

Netflix is testing releasing weekly episodes of some very popular content, rather than rolling out entire seasons at once…

Binge-watching and Netflix go hand-and-hand. But, Netflix is running an experiment that won’t immediately allow binge-watching. Instead, the video streaming service will release individual episodes, once per week. 

Netflix Experiments with Weekly Episode Releases Instead of Full-Seasons

With the coming debut of Disney+ and other rival services, Netflix is testing weekly releases. For instance, The Mandalorian, which will appear on Disney+, is scheduled for weekly episodes. 

Right now, The Great British Baking Show, is one Netflix title going on the weekly run. Other upcoming shows, such as Rhythm + Flow, a music competition show, will follow the same format.

Hulu, which is owned by Disney, is already following this practice. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise Netflix would do the same. After all, this forces viewers to fire up the service on a schedule, instead of consuming entire seasons at-once.

Although, it’s a bit ironic, given Netflix and other streaming subscriptions are non-linear, and have largely abandoned the appointment television model.

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