January 26, 2022
Netflix Gaming might Debut on the Streaming Service in 2022

Netflix Exploring bringing Playable Games to Subscribers’ Screens Next Year, Reports Reveal

Netflix is in the process of developing its own gaming service, according to several news reports which claim its actively exploring the market…

Netflix gaming might actually become a thing next year. Perhaps, the biggest thing of the year. At least, that’s what the streaming service is planning for, with several reputable news agencies reporting that the company is actively working on its own gaming platform. Rumors and circumstantial evidence point to Netflix gaming coming into consumer homes sometime in 2022.

If so, the streaming giant would sink to grab a sizable slice of the estimated $230 billion market. However, just because Netflix is exploring the possibility doesn’t mean it will manifest into reality. Regardless, there are a few interesting pieces of information about a potential Netflix gaming service.

Netflix Gaming might Debut on the Streaming Service in 2022

Netflix gaming might look a bit like Apple Arcade, offering a bundle of titles for a flat fee. The company is said to be courting third-party developers, but might also open its own studio. Currently Netflix is actively seeking an executive to head the division, which will not be monetized with ads. So, Netflix would effectively carry over its no advertisement policy from its video streaming service to it’s gaming portal.

Additionally, there are rumors of downloadable titles for play, which strongly suggests that it would debut as a mobile-first service. Since Netflix already has a very strong mobile presence, this strategy would make sense, expanding on its very large footprint in the entertainment world. After all, Netflix already leads the way in streaming entertainment, making the expansion to gaming a more seamless transition.

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