April 29, 2021
Netflix Hangouts Chrome extension

This New Chrome Extension Brilliantly Fakes Video Conference Calls to Hide Netflix Binge Watching

This Netflix Hangouts Chrome extension convincingly masquerades watching the video streaming service by disguising it as a conference call…

With the latest season of Stranger Things on the way, it’s tempting to steal away a little time from work to watch. But, it’s risky to do so because of the consequences. Fortunately, developer Mscf Internet Studios has a solution with its Netflix Hangouts Chrome extension.

Netflix Hangouts Chrome Extension Fakes Video Conference Calls

The Netflix Hangouts Chrome extension does just what its namesake says. It makes it appear there’s a video conference call going on while Netflix is actually streaming. Simply fire-up Netflix, then hit the extension and it will bring up a bogus four-person video conference call.

It’s a clever bit of fakery, just as long no one takes notice there’s three faces alongside an episode of The Office or whatever else is streaming.  

Although shrewd, it’s not necessarily original. There have been several others in the past. For instance, one extension disguised Twitter to look like a Slack conversation. Another turned Reddit into an ostensible Outlook. Yet one more transformed the Facebook News Feed into an Excel spreadsheet.

Obviously, installing and using this extension requires users to take full responsibility for their actions. 

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