May 19, 2022
Netflix Kids Clips Debuts on iOS as a TikTok-Style Short-Form Video

Netflix is Testing a TikTok-Style Short-Form Video on iOS Called ‘Kids Clips’

Netflix is conducting an experiment with TikTok type, short-form videos the company calls ‘Kids Clips,’ but only on iOS and in a few markets…

Netflix remains the most popular streaming service, but it certainly isn’t perfect. In order to retain its title, the company must regularly try out new features. For example, it just recently introduced games for Android,  with iOS following. Another new feature is its “Play Something” option, which hit Android back in October. Now, the streamer is experimenting with “Kids Clips,” a new section filled with short-form videos.

Netflix Kids Clips Debuts on iOS as a TikTok-Style Short-Form Video

Netflix’s new Kids Clips builds upon Last Laughs, the comedy feed the company launched earlier this year. But, unlike Fast Laughs, Kids Clips plays in a horizontal format rather than vertical. So, the content takes over the entire screen. Right now, the test trial contains 10 to 20 clips that are viewable at any one time. Netflix plans to add new media every day based on the current shows and movies available on the platform.

Since Kids Clips is an experiment, the content is only available in certain markets. At this time, the short-form videos for children are only in the United States, Canada, Australia, Ireland, and some Latin American countries. 

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