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Netflix Games Finally Roll Out to Android, with iPhone to Follow

Netflix Launches its Mobile Game Library that includes Five Titles

Credit: Netflix

Netflix Games are here on mobile for Android, with iPhone to follow, including five titles, with some being playable without an internet connection…

Netflix Games have made their debut on Android. Although the first title appeared back at the end of August on Google’s mobile OS, the first suite of games is now available for all subscribers who own Android-powered devices. These include Stranger Things 1984, Stranger Things 3: The Game, Shooting Hoops, Card Blast, and Teeter up. But, don’t expect to play them inside the Netflix mobile app.

Netflix Launches its Mobile Game Library that includes Five Titles

Netflix Games can initially be found — appropriately enough — under the Games tab. Tap on one of the five titles and that will open the Google Play Store. Install the game and enjoy. So, the games are in fact, standalone apps, which makes them easy to delete if dissatisfied. Additionally, some of the games do not require an internet connection, while others can only be played while online.

Netflix says the games are localized to specific markets, meaning they’ll have differences from one place to the next. Plus, the games will play by default in English. Moreover, the streaming service states it intends to add more games to its library. But of course, this depends on how they’re received.

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