August 3, 2022
Netflix library includes more quality titles than Disney Plus HBO and Hulu

Netflix Boasts more Quality Content than Rivals Hulu, HBO, and Disney+ Combined, a New Report Reveals

A new report reveals Netflix leads its three biggest competitors with the most quality titles in its streaming catalog by a wide margin…

Netflix holds one distinct advantage over Disney Plus, and as it turns out, two other rivals, Hulu, and HBO. That is, the massive Netflix library. But, sheer title volume alone isn’t enough. What does count, according to Kill the Cable Bill, is quality over quantity. 

Netflix Library includes More Quality Titles than Disney Plus, HBO, and Hulu Combined

Netflix boasts more quality content than Disney+, HBO, and Hulu combined. Of the top 250 IMDb movies of all time, 33 are on in the Netflix catalog. While that doesn’t seem like such a big deal, it’s more than Hulu, Disney+, and HBO combined, which have 10, 12, and 2, respectively.

Additionally, Amazon Prime has more than those three, but still less than Netflix, with 22 titles. So, Netflix is still up by 11 movies over Amazon Prime.

What’s surprising is the fact Disney has so relatively few, given the company owns Marvel, Pixar, Lucasfilm, 20th Century Fox, and of course, its own, vast library.

Also, Netflix continues to expand on its original content, offering more series and movies alike. With some licensing deals expiring, the company needs to put forth its best efforts. Already, nearly 7 percent of all dual Netflix and Disney+ subscribers are planning to cancel their Netflix account.

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