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New Netflix Move Strongly Indicates a Password Sharing Crackdown is Coming Soon

Netflix Password Sharing Crackdown may already be Underway

Credit: 9to5Mac

Netflix just might have begun a new campaign to stop and/or prevent subscribers and others from sharing passwords to gain access to the streaming platform…

Netflix has long tolerated subscribers sharing their passwords with non-paying viewers. In fact, the company has spoken about the practice but has yet to really substantially do anything about it. Now, it appears the streaming giant is making moves to stop people from accessing the content for which they aren’t paying for the privilege. This, after a similar change in mid-March of last year, as late December gave some people the same experience about a possible Netflix password sharing crackdown.

Netflix Password Sharing Crackdown may already be Underway

Netflix began displaying a new prompt to people in Italy that asked them to either authenticate their active accounts or sign up for the service with a new subscription of their own late last month. Toward the end of December, some consumers in Italy shared screen captures on social media depicting the warning label. Apparently, the streaming service is using technology to its advantage and is beginning to identify households and or people who aren’t legitimately paying for the entertainment.

Although Netflix does allow for password sharing within households, it discourages subscribers from sharing their passwords with others who don’t live in the same residence. So, kids going off to college should have their own subscription and not rely on their parents paying for the service. The same holds true with roommates and other types of situations.

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