November 3, 2022
Netflix Play Something Shuffle Feature Gains Wide Release

ICYMI: Netflix has Finally Fully Rolled Out its Shuffle Play Option

Netflix Play Something isn’t really a new feature, as the option has been around for some time, but now, it’s fully available to all viewers…

Netflix’s Play Something is a long-experimental tool that’s finally made its way out to everyone. The shuffle option is an attempt to fix a very common dilemma — choosing something to watch. Netflix has relied mostly on algorithms to offer suggestions, but this isn’t always fitting. So, the streaming service is offering its viewers a new way to discover content — let the streaming platform select titles.

Netflix Play Something Shuffle Feature Gains Wide Release

The new Play Something option is now available on televisions (with mobile soon to follow). And, it does precisely what one would think — it chooses several movies and shows. These won’t always necessarily be totally new. Instead, it will include a collection of previously tried and never finished and completely new titles never played before. Fortunately, there’s an option to skip if a title isn’t pleasing.

Of course, the technology isn’t by any means perfect. It could pick some duds, but overall, Play Something should mostly deliver interesting content. After all, it’s aim is to catch viewers’ attention so they stay on the platform and not click over to a rival streaming service.

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