September 23, 2021
Netflix television recommendations

Netflix Recommends Televisions Offering the Best for Viewing its Streaming Service

Netflix is out with recommendations for which televisions streamers should try for the best experience with their own cord-cutting service…

Netflix subscribers know the huge differences between watching the cord-cutting service on one TV and another. The variations aren’t subtle in most cases. In fact, televisions treat the experience quite differently.

Netflix Recommends Televisions Offering the Best for Viewing its Streaming Service

Now, Netflix is out with its own recommendations for the best TVs to watch its streaming service. And, manufacturers like Samsung, Sony, and Panasonic all make the list.

Netflix used various criteria to compile it list of recommendations. These include, easy of launch of the streaming service, navigation between apps, having the latest version of Netflix, and have access its newest features.

“When you’re ready to relax and watch something on Netflix, you just want it to be simple. Believe us…we get it! And before you press play on Stranger Things, so much is dependent upon your TV in order to make sure getting there is easy and instant.

Each year, we put out our recommendations for the smart TVs that provide the best performance and are the easiest to use for Netflix (and, ultimately, other streaming services). And every year we up the ante for what it takes to make the list. This year, we’re excited to recommend select models from Samsung, Sony and Panasonic that will provide a top notch experience.”

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