September 21, 2022
Netflix Remove from Row Option Debuts on Continue Watching Carousel

Netflix just Made this Huge Change to its ‘Continue Watching’ Section

Netflix has added a new ‘Remove from Row’ option to its Continue Watching carousel on Android, with iOS to soon follow…

Streaming is supposed to be all about viewer experience. However, there are still a number of annoying features or elements subscribers must put up with. For instance, unskippable, preroll ads that run on Amazon Prime. Or, the painstaking chore of trying to remove a title from Netflix’s Continue Watching section. Now, the latter just got a whole lot easier, with the addition of a new option.

Netflix ‘Remove from Row’ Option Debuts on Continue Watching Carousel

Apparently, Netflix has finally figured out that just because people select a movie or series, doesn’t mean they will always enjoy it. Previously, those titles lingered in the Continue Watching carousel, unless the viewer went through a lengthy process on a web browser to manually remove it. Even then, it could take a full day for said title to disappear.

Now there’s quick and easy access for what took several different steps, and it’s available on mobile. It’s appropriately named “Remove From Row,” and it does precisely that. All that’s necessary is to select the title and voila, it’s gone from the queue. The new feature is already live on Android, with iOS to receive it on June 29th.

Additionally, Netflix has also made it a whole lot easier to quickly access episodes, info, and ratings, by integrating it right into the menu when tapping on a title. This eliminates having to go directly into the movie or show’s dedicated landing page.

Although these are technically two small changes, they will have a big impact on functionality and user experience. It’s just puzzling that it took so long for the streaming service to address these annoying quirks.

Here’s a screenshot of the new ‘Remove from Row’ and other options, on Android:

Netflix Remove from Row screenshot
Credit: Netflix

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