May 19, 2022
Netflix reveals The Irishman watch numbers

Netflix Finally Reveals First Official Watch Numbers behind The Irishman (and they’re Nearly Identical to Bird Box)

Streaming service Netflix has just released some numbers behind its original movie, The Irishman, and they’re fairly impressive…

November 1st opened the first availability to see The Irishman on Netflix, following a limited in-theater run. Until now, there’s been no word on how well the film actually performed for the streaming service. But, Netflix has broken its silence with a simple tweet, announcing the numbers.

Netflix Reveals The Irishman Watch Numbers, Confirming over 26 Million Streams in First Week

The popular streaming service’s high-profile feature from legendary director Martin Scorsese recorded some impressive figures. Altogether, 26,404,081 accounts watched the film during its first seven days on Netflix. (Nearly the same amount with last year’s big hit, Bird Box.)

Netflix’s chief content officer, Ted Sarandos, says the 26.4 million figure counts any accounts that watched at least 70 percent of the film — just under 2.5 hours of the 3.5 hour movie. Also, this does not count box office viewership, when it ran for a month before coming to the streaming service.

Ratings firm Nielsen already published its own estimates last week. The company estimated 13.2 million viewers for the film in its first five days on the platform.

Netflix expects the movie to reach 40 million streams its first full month, about half of what Bird Box earned last year, when it reached 80 million.

It seems Netflix is pleased with its initial performance, off to getting a satisfactory return on its $160 million price tag.

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