Netflix is Releasing an Audio-Only Mode for Playback without Pictures

Netflix Rolls Out an Audio-Only Playback Option

Credit: TechCrunch

Netflix is introducing a new option on its Android mobile app — playback with audio-only, probably as a data and battery saving feature…

The world’s most popular streaming service is making a curious move. Netflix is in the process of rolling out an audio-only mode for playback. That’s right, imagine watching, er, listening to Netflix movies and shows. At least that’s the idea behind a new feature on the streaming platform’s Android mobile application. Subscribers can choose to forgo the video format in favor of listening only to the audio contents. Of course, this naturally begs the question as to why the company would make such a move.

Netflix Rolls Out an Audio-Only Playback Option

The new Netflix audio only mode is currently rolling out to subscribers. However, the company hasn’t offered a reason for introducing the new option. Most likely, it’s there as a data saving and/or battery saving feature — suitable for at least a few particular formats. For instance, an audio-only playback of stand up comedy or well-known sitcoms would be perfectly reasonable.

However, for most formats, this does not make a whole lot of sense. A prime example would be a complex series, like Breaking Bad. It also wouldn’t fit other formats, such as documentaries, science fiction, long-form dramas, action films, and more. In other words, an audio-only version of certain things would be appropriate when consumers don’t have to heavily rely on visuals.

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