July 23, 2021
Netflix saved its average viewer approximately 219 hours of ads in 2019

Here’s How Many Hours of Ads Netflix Viewers were Spared from Watching in 2019

Netflix is widely known for not running ads and according to a recent report, it’s saved subscribers from an incredible waste of time…

During the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent quarantines, streaming services have experienced notable spikes in new subscriptions and viewership. That of course, includes newcomers like Disney+, which expanded its customer base to 54.5 million, a 62 percent increase in just five weeks. Others, like Netflix, have recorded massive surges in streaming. And now, there’s more good news.

Netflix Saved its Average Viewer Approximately 219 Hours of Ads in 2019

Netflix spared its viewers from enduring hundreds of ads last year, according to Reviews.com, which attempted to quantify the numbers. Its calculations reveal that during 2019, the average Netflix viewer was saved from a whopping 219 hours of advertisements. That equals 9.125 days or just over a week’s time of ads.

By contrast, the average hour of cable or network programming includes about 18 minutes of ads. That’s a total of 72 minutes a day, as the average American watches approximately 4 hours of television every day. Conversely, the average Netflix subscriber consumes about two hours per day on the streaming platform.

Netflix has resisted running ads since its digital inception. Over the years, many have speculated that Netflix will be forced into running ads. But, it’s rejected that strategy several times, including in September of 2019, and then again in January of this year.

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