September 16, 2022
Netflix Shuffle Play Button Test Underway

Netflix Decides to Pick Content for Subscribers Instead of Letting Them Choose

Netflix Shuffle Play is a new experiment (or a twist on a previous test), that picks titles for viewers to watch…

In April 2019, Netflix introduced a shuffle option for television series. It included such titles as The OfficeNew GirlOur PlanetArrested Development, and others. Now, the streaming service is experimenting with something similar called “Shuffle Play.” It’s a different spin on the previous option and has been in testing with a limited group of users since July.

Netflix Shuffle Play Button Test Underway

Those who have access to the tool say it plays a title based on previous watch activity. So, it shouldn’t serve up content that’s not part of the viewer’s interests. Although, being based on computer algorithms, it isn’t unthinkable that it might pick a title that doesn’t fit the watcher’s personality at all. 

But, it could prove quite useful, if it remains on-point. This would help solve the issue of getting lost in the massive library without settling on something to watch. It would also potentially help out when two or more people can’t decide on something to watch together. Of course, whether or not is will become part of permanent Netflix experience, as a representative explains, “We run these tests in different countries and for different periods of time – and only make them broadly available if people find them useful.”

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