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Netflix is Running a Test of Raising its Subscription Prices (Again)

Netflix subscription price hike test

A new Netflix subscription price hike test, running in Italy, is evaluating raising rates for Standard and Premium alike, or all tiers…

Every now and again, Netflix tests new plan pricing models, with most resulting in higher subscription rates. Now, there’s such an experiment running in Italy, in which the streaming company is playing around with a couple of different scenarios.

Netflix Subscription Price-Hike Test Spotted

The latest Netflix subscription price-hike test sets rates in Italy and other European Union markets up a notch. Currently, these run €7.99 (Base), €10.99 (Standard), and €13.99 (Premium).

One test leaves the base cost alone. But, it ups the Standard and Premium plans to €12.99 and €17.99, respectively. (An increase of €2 and €4.) These provide access to Full HD playback on two separate devices or 4K content on as many as four devices at the same time.

Not everyone will see these price changes and the company might not even elect to raise its rates. Although, it does reveal how the streaming service continually reevaluates its worth to consumers.

Besides, Netflix already loses an estimated $192 million per month due to piracy. The company may opt to raise prices on existing plans and/or crack down on login credential sharing.

Netflix just beat out cable and satellite for the first time in 2018.

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