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Netflix Experiment Appears to Allow Viewers to Disable One of Its Most Annoying Features

Netflix Testing a New Option to Turn Off its Still Watching Prompt

Credit: Quartz

Netflix is in the midst of developing a new option that will allow its subscribers to disable one particular aggravating prompt…

Finally. Netflix is working on bringing (hopefully) a new option most viewers will embrace with glee. Although it’s been under testing for quite some time now in certain regions, a spokesperson has confirmed the experiment. It’s managed to leak out onto Twitter — along with other social media sites — where people are gladly posting comments and screenshots of the feature in-action.

Netflix Testing a New Option to Turn Off its “Still Watching?” Prompt

This very desirable option is none other than a way to turn off that super-annoying “still watching?” prompt that appears after watching three episodes in a row. With the addition, people can select a new “play without asking again.” Basically, it opts the viewer out of the “still watching?” prompt. However, it’s probably only effective for that particular series. In other words, it’s likely opting out for one series won’t automatically turn it off on other series being watched.

The “still watching?” prompt is one of the most bothersome things about the Netflix viewing experience. Probably because it’s largely unnecessary as subscribers will decide when to bail on a series or to stick with it.

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