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Netflix May Soon Charge Subscribers Extra for Sharing their Accounts with Others

Netflix Tests Add an Extra Member Surcharge

Netflix is trialing a new upcharge in three countries that would apply to subscribers who share their login credentials with others…

Netflix has long tolerated members sharing their account logins. But, that indulgence may soon be over. And, it’s no wonder, given some estimates place the practice as high as 15% of subscribers. Now, the streaming service is experimenting with a new feature that could come to everyone. It would add a surcharge to customers’ accounts to basically allow them to create up to two extra paid profiles.

Netflix Tests “Add an Extra Member” Surcharge

Netflix is currently testing a couple of new features in Peru, Chile, and Costa Rica. If successful, it might become the new standard. The trial includes an option to “Add an Extra Member,” which costs between $2 and $3 per month. The additional paid profiles aren’t exactly the same as traditional accounts but do have very similar things in common. For instance, they have their own login, password, and recommendations.

If this isn’t appealing, subscribers can transfer their info from a profile to either a full account or one of its new sub-accounts, allowing customers to move to an independent paid profile without losing access to their recommendations. Should one or both of these measures become the streamer’s default behavior, it would finally enforce terms of service — section 4.2 to be precise.

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