January 27, 2022
Netflix usage outpaced cable and satellite

Netflix Beat Out both Cable and Satellite TV in 2018 for the First Time

Netflix usage outpaced cable and satellite for the very first time in 2018, demonstrating an increasing trend away from traditional packages…

With Disney set to get into the streaming market with its own proprietary service, the landscape continues to evolve. And, it’s bad news for cable and satellite providers, according to the PwC annual streaming report.

Netflix Usage Outpaced Cable and Satellite in 2018 for the First Time

Netflix and Hulu might be going in different directions with their models. But, it’s becoming ever-more clear traditional entertainment packages are facing a big slowdown. 

The number of pay TV subscribers fell last year from 73 percent to 67 percent. Conversely, Netflix usage increase to 76 percent, surpassing cable and satellite for the first time.

PwC surveyed 2,016 US adults between the ages of 18 and 59, with annual household incomes above $40,000. The study found:

“As pay TV subscriptions continue to decline…they are replaced by a number of live and on-demand streaming options that continue to grow by the day.”

This indeed points to a big win for streaming services. However, it’s not all good news, either. The report reveals over one-third of consumer or 36 percent, believe streaming services need to make it easier to find what they’d like to watch. Meanwhile, just 21 percent streaming services predict what they want to watch accurately.

Another recent report found Amazon Prime offers the most content but doesn’t contain as high quality titles as Netflix.

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