July 22, 2021
Netflix vs Disney Plus library content comparison

Netflix still Holds this One Huge Advantage over Disney+ and It’s Why Subscribers will Keep It

Netflix has one distinct advantage against newcomer Disney Plus, and it’s the reason so many people won’t cancel their subscriptions…

Within 24 hours of its November 12th launch, Disney+ had amassed over 10 million subscribers, and served out more than 2 million streaming hours of its original series, The Mandalorian.

Since then, industry experts estimate it’s been quietly signing up about a million new users per day, which approximates to another 16 million+ subscriptions, for a total of about 26 million customers total since launch day.

Those are very impressive figures indeed, and it’s good reason alone to believe that it could eventually manifest as the proverbial Netflix killer. But, there’s still one area where Netflix continues to reign supreme — its vast library.

Netflix vs Disney Plus Library Content Comparison

Right now, Disney+ offers about 800 titles in its streaming catalog. That’s certainly a lot, but it’s a fraction compared to Netflix’s prowess, with 5,800 unique titles alone. Netflix also boasts 3,900 movies and 1,800 television titles.

While some would certainly argue Disney carries the highest quality content, not everything in its catalog is exactly a box office or TV series hit. However, with its super-affordable price, and retention of some of the biggest names ever to hit the screen, Disney+ certainly is off to a very strong start and makes for a good alternative companion to Netflix.

The fact that both services are reasonably priced and offer a variety of content, means customers will likely hold on to both subscriptions, rather than choose one over the other.

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