November 5, 2022
Netflix user classifications

Yes, Netflix Tracks its Users and Categorizes them as Either ‘Starters,’ ‘Watchers,’ or ‘Completers’

Netflix discloses how it ranks subscribers based on three categories, including ‘Starters,’ ‘Watchers,’ and ‘Completers’…

It’s long been wondered how Netflix decides whether or not to keep a title in its catalog. This is particularly true of its original series and movies. Well, it comes as no surprise the streaming service does track its subscribers’ viewing habits. And, it assigns one of three labels to them.

Netflix Viewer Classifications Revealed in UK Parliament Committee Letter

In a recent letter sent to the UK Parliament, Netflix reveals how it ranks its members. There are three classifications: Starters, Watchers, and Completers.

Netflix defines Starters as those who begin streaming a show or movie but don’t watch any more than the first two minutes. 

Watchers, the second category, are those viewers who get at least 70 percent of the way through a title. Obviously, these individuals stay engaged much longer, giving Netflix a better idea of their overall viewing preferences.

Lastly, Netflix classifies those who watch at least 90 percent of titles to be Completers.

Naturally, Netflix will show favoritism to shows and movies that have more Watchers and Completers than Starters. This is just a bit of behind-the-scenes information as to how the streaming service decides what stays and what goes.

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