December 2, 2021
Netflix Continue Watching list title removal

Netflix might soon Let Subscribers Quickly Remove Unwanted Titles from their Continue Watching List

Netflix May soon allow viewers to delete titles from their Continue Watching list in the app, with little effort…

Anyone familiar with Netflix knows it’s quite a lengthy process to remove titles from the Continue Watching list. It’s a very frustrating circumstance, choosing to give a movie or TV series a try, only to learn that it’s just not a good fit.

It’s part of why viewers have grown skeptical of Netflix’s recommendations. While those recommendations might pique interest, they more often than not turn out to be disappointing.

Now, deleting those titles, which immediately find a seemingly permanent home in the Continue Watching list, could be a few taps away.

Netflix Working on a Title Removal Option from the Continue Watching List

Recently spotted in the Netflix app for Android by Android Police, is a new tool to quickly delete unwanted titles from the Continue Watching list. Labeled simply Remove from Row, the option is appearing for some users in what appears to be an A/B test.

Selecting the option, available through the three dot menu, reveals the Remove from Row feature, and is followed by a user confirmation action.

It’s limited at this time, only being seen by a select group of subscribers, so it might not even make it way too wide, public release. Hopefully, the test will prove a success with viewers and it will make it out to everyone in the near future.

If so, it will give viewers a little more control over what in their list, and make the video streaming service a bit more enjoyable ask it will rid the platform of one of its biggest annoyances.

Netflix Continue Watching list title removal tool
Credit: Android Police

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