August 9, 2022

Netflix’s Crackdown on Password-Sharing is Cracking Up, Causing Cancellations and Chaos

Netflix has moved forward with its password-sharing crackdown, but the initial results where it’s occurring are simply disastrous…

Netflix hinted at a password-sharing crackdown campaign back in January of this year. Then, in March, the streamer started moving forward with an upcharge for sharing login credentials. About mid-May, the entertainment platform began testing its new system to limit or prevent different viewers from using the same credentials. After rolling it out in Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru, the company is finding its efforts aren’t really paying off.

Netflix’s Password-Sharing Crackdown is Causing Cancellations, Confusion

According to a recent report, Netflix subscribers in the four countries listed above have not experienced consistent, uniform messaging from the service. In fact, some breaking the streaming service’s rules aren’t being charged extra. Others haven’t yet been notified at all. And, still more, who have incurred the upcharge have just canceled their accounts. While still others who have been warned are continuing to share their login information, without any consequences.

The same report claims even the company’s own customer service team isn’t up to date and is not providing adequate answers to subscribers’ concerns and complaints. Obviously, there’s a lot of work ahead for the streamer because it estimates about 100 million accounts are being shared.

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