September 20, 2022
Netflix's Play Something Option is Now Available on Android

Netflix Subscribers can Now Access the Streamer’s ‘Play Something’ Feature on Android Devices

Netflix is rolling out its Play Something automatic shuffle feature to Android now, and is also testing the same playback option for iOS…

Netflix unveiled its automatic shuffle tool, called “Play Something,” back in the spring of this year. It literally does what its name states — it automates a playlist based on the viewer’s previous watch history and likes. So, it’s perfect when someone feels overwhelmed by the sheer volume of choices. Or, when a subscriber just wants something to play in the background they’ll probably enjoy.

Netflix’s Play Something Option is Now Available on Android

Netflix is also launching its Fast Laughs feature on Android. Previously, the company added it to iOS and now, its expanded to Android and across several countries, including the US, Australia, Canada, Ireland, India, Malaysia, Philippines, and the UK. This tool is basically a highlight reel, consisting of funny clips from its series and films alike, akin to TikTok but specific to Netflix.

Additionally, the streaming service says that it will bring its Downloads for Your option to iOS in the coming months. It originally rolled out on Android earlier this year, but will become available to Apple devices in the not too distant future. This feature automatically downloads things to watch, which is perfect for those traveling and forgetting to manually download content before their trips.

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