September 15, 2022
New ten dollar Nintendo Switch Calculator App Debuts in the eShop

Nintendo Adds a New App to its eShop for Switch — a Scientific Calculator — for the Low Price of $10

Nintendo has introduced a new app to its eShop for its Switch gamers, a scientific calculator that costs $10, billed as easy to use and read…

Nintendo now offers a new Switch app in its eShop that’s sure to become a smash hit. (Probably not. In fact, most likely never.) It’s a Nintendo Switch scientific calculator. And, it’s on sale for $10, which should help gamers out with those difficult math equations. The new Switch scientific calculator looks a like the familiar iOS app — which doesn’t cost anything, by the way.

New $10 Nintendo Switch Calculator App Debuts in the eShop

The new Nintendo Switch calculator app is by developer Sabec, which bills it as a “Calculator has an appealing modern and practical design, sure to be popular with all students and engineers.” Of course, there’s the question of just how useful a Switch is for help with math. Or, just how many people will actually forgo the myriad of free alternatives that are available in more appropriate places, like smartphones and tablets.

What makes this truly perplexing is that the Nintendo Switch isn’t exactly a primary learning source. Perhaps if the company introduces educational materials it would make a whole lot more sense.

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