November 25, 2021
New Adrozek Malware Attacking Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Other Web Browsers

This New, Malicious Malware is Infecting Every Web Browser, Stealing Passwords and Displaying Bogus Search Results

A new malware strain, Adrozek, is hitting Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and other browsers, stealing login credentials and showing fake search results…

There’s a vicious gang of cyber-crooks out on the web attacking Chrome, Firefox, Edge and other browsers. They do so with malware that hijacks search results with ads and sometimes even steals user passwords and other login credentials, according to a recent warning issued by Microsoft. The malware strain infects Windows machines through “drive-by-downloads” that get past browser defenses the moment a browser loads one of more than 2 million malicious web pages.

New Adrozek Malware Attacking Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Other Web Browsers

The Adrozek malware is programmed to constantly change its code. This way, it can easily avoid traditional anti-virus detection and often disguises itself as a normal audio-related program to fool people into installing it. Adrozek specifically targets Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, the new Microsoft Edge browser. But, it also infects the Yandex browser. Though these are open-source web portals, even alternatives, such as Brave, Opera, and Vivaldi are considered vulnerable. Microsoft further explains:

“Adrozek adds browser extensions, modifies a specific DLL per target browser, and changes browser settings to insert additional, unauthorized ads into web pages, often on top of legitimate ads from search engines. The intended effect is for users, searching for certain keywords, to inadvertently click on these malware-inserted ads, which lead to affiliated pages. The attackers earn through affiliate advertising programs, which pay by amount of traffic referred to sponsored affiliated pages.”

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