September 23, 2022
New Amazon Fraud Prevention Pilot Program Begins Screening Third-Party Sellers

Amazon is Testing a New Video-Screening Program for Third-Party Sellers to Help Prevent Fraud

E-commerce giant Amazon is quietly implementing a new fraud prevention measure by video-screening third-party sellers to verify their identities…

Although Amazon retains the top spot in the online marketplace one-stop shopping world, it’s massive size means it can’t possibly police every single aspect of its commerce. Though the digital corporation already attempts to verify every seller — which it claims prevented 2.5 million bad actors from putting products onto its site last year — there are still frauds getting through. So, it’s now experimenting with a new identity verification mechanism.

New Amazon Fraud Prevention Pilot Program Begins Screening Third-Party Sellers

The new Amazon fraud prevention pilot program is live and running in several markets around the world, including the US, UK, China, and Japan. To date, more than 1,000 sellers have attempted to register accounts in the new pilot process.

In order to vet sellers, Amazon conducts a video call and then cross-references to check the individual’s ID to ensure it matches the actual person. Additionally, Amazon uses third-party data sources to verify the seller’s identity. A spokesperson for Amazon tells TechCrunch:

“Amazon is always innovating to improve the seller experience so honest entrepreneurs can seamlessly open a selling account and start a business, while also proactively blocking bad actors.”

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