August 6, 2022
New Amazon Music Car Mode Debuts

Amazon Releases a Driving Mode for Amazon Music

Amazon has rolled out a new version of Amazon Music, Car Mode, which features larger text, bigger buttons, and Alexa for help on the road…

Amazon is joining its entertainment competitors by offering a new Car Mode for Amazon Music. As with peers Google Android Auto and Apple Car Play, the new Amazon Music Car Mode is a simplified version of the standard platform’s interface. So, it unsurprisingly sports some familiar elements. Those being bigger text, larger buttons, as well as Alexa on call for specific functions.

New Amazon Music Car Mode Debuts

Once users enable the new Amazon Music Car Mode, it splits the interface into two sections. The top hosts playback controls, such as play, pause, and skip. Meanwhile, the bottom half displays a collection of music suggestions which listeners can switch between with a swipe or a tap. Plus, Alexa is accessible with a simple tap or through voice command, like “Hey Alexa, play Vulfpeck.”

Much like Android Auto and Car Play, the new Amazon Music Car Mode does not add any new functionality. Instead, it transforms the interface to provide audio entertainment in order to let people keep their attention on the road. Users can also change the app’s settings to switch over to Car Mode as soon as it recognizes a phone connects to a car’s Bluetooth.

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