November 27, 2020
new Amazon Prime Video original content expected soon

Amazon is Adding More Original Content but Its Confusing Interface Needs Attention First

New Amazon Prime Video originals are tentatively on their way to the streaming/rental/purchasing service, and that’s only going to further confusion…

Earlier this month, Amazon finally added personalized profiles to its Prime Video platform. That increased the number of accounts from one to six. It was long conspicuous by its absence, but now, is in-place for the sake of convenience and to keep interests more personalized. Soon, the streaming service will add more original content. But, that’s going to make its UI’s confusion worse for viewers.

New Amazon Prime Video Original Content Expected Soon

Amazon is now producing Lord of the Rings prequels, along with a Fallout TV series by the people behind West World. It might also give subscribers another season of Upload. And, if any or all of these do arrive, the streaming platform will have to do something drastic to simplify its interface.

Here’s the reason: there are three moving parts. There’s a section to rent or purchase titles. There’s another that lets subscribers stream thousands of movies and TV shows. Then, there’s the Prime Video Channels section, which provides access to third-party services, such as CBS All Access or Britbox.

The issue at hand is none of them is clearly defined and easy to identify separately. As the company adds more content, that confusion will only worsen over time. Even though it currently boasts 150 million Prime members (second only to Netflix’s 183 million), competition from Disney+, HBO Max, and others should pressure Amazon to make changes. After all, Disney Plus as already amassed about 54.5 million subscribers since its launch and it’s interface is much more intuitive.

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