April 9, 2021
new 2019 Android and iOS emoji

Google and Apple Release New, Upcoming Emoji for Android and iOS in 2019

The Unicode Consortium has made public the next release of Google Android and Apple iOS emoji for 2019…

Emoji are a great way to show off moods and get certain messages across without using text. The next set of the animations are now out in a recent tease, published by the Unicode Consortium.

New Android and iOS Emoji Announced

There are dozens of emoji, which include more skin color choices, a slew of new animals, and some more utilitarian animations, as well. The coming batch includes sloths, otters, guide dogs, prosthetic limbs, flamingos, underpants, wheelchairs, yo-yos, a Hindu temple, Diya lamp, sari, and much more.

At this time, there’s no specific roll out date. Apple only says the new emoji will debut sometime in the fall, about when iOS 13 hits. Meanwhile, for Android, people will have to use Android Q beta or the stable release, which is still months away.

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