November 3, 2022
Facebook hiding Like counts

Facebook might Start Hiding Like Counts after New Test

Facebook is also experimenting with hiding Like counts, just as its subsidiary Instagram is doing, in order to bolster its digital well-being initiative…

Back in April, Instagram started testing concealing Like counts so people focus on content, rather than numbers. Instagram then expanded the experiment in July. Now, it appears parent company Facebook is about to do the same.

New Android App Code Behavior Hides Facebook Like Counts

The news comes as app researcher Jane Manchun Wong posted her findings on Twitter. (Wong previously discovered the experiment on Instagram.)

This follows YouTube, which is now abbreviating subscriber numbers

It’s a growing trend among social sites, which are pursuing various digital well-being measures for users’ benefits.

Following the initial reports, Facebook confirmed to TechCrunch it would in fact remove Like counts as part of a test. However, the social network did not say when or how widespread.

Of course, if Facebook removes Like counts, would it also necessarily pull all other reactions, which include Love, HaHa, Wow, Sad, and Angry.

It’s becoming increasingly clear there’s a marked change to how social media platforms will function in the future.

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