September 17, 2022
New Android Auto Music Player Search Results Field Starts Appearing

Google just Made a Small but Much-Needed Improvement to Android Auto’s Music Playback Capabilities

Android Auto is beginning to display a new function for its music player support, and it’s one that is definitely long overdue…

As Google further integrates Assistant into Android Auto (and continues to build out Driving Mode for Google Assistant), there are more capabilities becoming available. One of the most convenient things about using Google Assistant through Android Auto is the ability to simply speak a voice command to listen to a specific music artist and/or song track. But, as anyone who has tried this knows, there’s a big shortfall.

New Android Auto Music Player Search Results Field Starts Appearing

When Android Auto is asked to play a specific tune, Google Assistant won’t necessarily play the one wanted. In other words, if there’s more than one version of a song, Assistant seemingly randomly picks one. Meaning, there’s no way to choose the version desired. Instead, users must go through a more hands-on manual process to get the specific track they want to hear.

Now, Google appears to be fixing this shortcoming with a new “Search results” field. This new feature is now popping up on various music players, including YouTube Music, Spotify, Deezer, as well as others. So, it will be available regardless of music platform. Simply tap and select the desired version and enjoy.

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