September 22, 2021
New Android Heads Up Digital Wellbeing Feature Starts Rolling Out

Android’s New Heads Up Alert Helps People Avoid Distracted Walking

Android Heads Up is a new feature that prompts people to look around and stop them from distracted walking before accidents happen…

Google has a new way to prevent people from falling, tripping, or walking into things. It’s designed to help individuals from strolling into other people or potentially embarrassing situations. It’s appropriately called “Heads Up,” the most recent offering from the Digital Wellbeing initiative. The new tool is now becoming more widely available on Android, but only in a beta addition.

New Android Heads Up Digital Wellbeing Feature Starts Rolling Out

The folks over at XDA Developers first spotted the feature back in November of last year. However, Google has kept it close to the vest and it has not been accessible to the public, until now. Right now, Heads Up is only active on Pixel devices within the most recent iteration of Digital Wellbeing beta. Although, it will probably become available to more Android devices in the not-too-distant future. When it does, Heads Up will help to encourage people to leave their phones alone until they reach their destinations.

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