April 7, 2021
New Android Malware Combination can Steal Sensitive Data and Take Control Over Infected Devices

This New Android Malware Threatens to Give Hackers Full Control of Infected Smartphones

Hackers have ostensibly combined two different forms of malware into one big threat to Android phones that can steal data and take over devices…

Cyber-criminals have taken two older types of malware and combined them into one. If that’s not bad enough, the new malicious code is currently up for sale on underground forums for as little as $29.99. That means even the lowest-level threat actors can easily gain access to some devious stuff which is ostensibly capable of stealing personal information and give hackers total control over victims’ devices.

New Android Malware Combination can Steal Sensitive Data and Take Control Over Infected Devices

The ‘Rogue” remote administration tool (RAT) infects victims’ handhelds with a keylogger. This allows attackers to effectively monitor visited websites and use of apps to steal login credentials, which can include financial data. It also has the potential to the ascertain the GPS location of the target, take screenshots, use the camera to take pictures, secretly record audio from calls, and more.

Security experts at Check Point state that the malware is actually a combination of two Android RATs — Cosmos and Hawkshaw. By putting these two programs together, it gives the malicious code much more power. Worse yet, is there’s no single way it infects smartphones. It deploys via phishing email, malicious apps, and other methods. To avoid it, consumers are strongly advised to keep their devices up-to-date with the latest security updates and be wary of apps requesting excessive permissions.

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