April 8, 2021
New Apple Maps 'Collections' Feature Brings its Closer to Rival Google Maps

The Latest Build of Apple Maps includes ‘Collections’ which Borrows a Feature from Google Maps

Apple Maps now includes a new option that’s much like one found in competitor Google Maps, called “Collections” for saving and sharing lists…

For quite a long time, Apple Maps seriously lagged behind its rival Google Maps. The difference in performance was so profound that many iOS device owners installed Google Maps, ignoring the proprietary tech.

Just last month, Apple completely revamped Apple Maps, after gathering extensive real-world data, also giving it improved road coverage, detailed land cover, and more. With it came a new feature that makes it more like its closest competitor.

New Apple Maps ‘Collections’ Feature Brings its Closer to Rival Google Maps

The most recent iteration of Apple Maps contains a new option, called “Collections.” This tool allows Apple Maps users to create, save, and share lists of places they’d like to visit. For instance, landmarks and destinations on a future vacation. Or, their favorite restaurants, for example.

This is very similar to what Google Maps already offers. That platform gives its users the ability to do things such as save places they want to visit, and even select restaurant recommendations based on fare.

(For the latter, just open Google Maps, go to Settings > Exploring places > Food & drink preferences, and choose what’s most and least interesting.)

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